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Canvas bucket

Canvas bucket

20 SGD
This little bucket is not only cute but also very sturdy! Made out of canvas, it would not go out of shape easily, and is double stitch for durability. 
It is handprinted with Baisimu's shop logo, a Chinese seal that says "乐", which means happiness, in nutmeg brown. The impression is finished with clear acrylic coating which is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it coming off.

When unfolded, you could use it as a pencil holder! Or you could fold it down and place it on your desk to store those stationery like paper clips and glue sticks, or bring it along when you're having a bazaar to display your name cards! The possibilities are endless with this cute and stylish canvas bucket!

The base measures 3 by 3"(7.5cm). The bucket has its top part folded down, so it has an adjustable height. Maximum height of bucket is 5.5"(14cm).

Payment methods:
For Singapore buyers, I accept paypal (you can just make the purchase here) and bank transfer (just drop me an email at with your orders).
For worldwide buyers, I accept only paypal.

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