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Customized Chinese name stone seal (Square)

Customized Chinese name stone seal (Square)

30 SGD
If you're looking for a customised keepsake that can last for a very long time, a hand carved stone seal would be ideal. This listing is for a customised square stone seal for you or someone special. It can be done in two ways - Yin style, where the character comes out in white, or Yang style, where the character comes out in red.

A seal, in the Chinese society, is a general name for printing stamps that are used in lieu of signatures in personal documents and art pieces. Chinese seals are usually carved out of stones, and are used with red ink or cinnabar paste.

This listing does not include an ink pad. To add on an ink pad, you may want to check out these:

I also have some gift sets available here:

Each stone is unique by nature and can come in different sizes. They usually range from 1.5 by 1.5cm to 4 by 4cm. Let me know the character to customise and I will pick one that best suits your needs.

How to:
1) Purchase the listing
2) Send me the name you'd like to customise. If you only have it in English, I'm able to do the translation for you too. (
3) View and approve the drafts, and wait for the customised seal to be ready!

Please understand that the draft you'll receive is a digital one and the hand carved carved stone will not look exactly the same, though I will try my best to retain the font style when I am carving it.

Add ons:
A drawstring pouch printed with your name stamp can be added to the purchase at $5 each. Please view it under the "Add ons" section!

Payment methods:
For Singapore buyers, I accept paypal (you can just make the purchase here) and bank transfer (just drop me an email at with your orders).
For worldwide buyers, I accept only paypal.

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