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Customized small stone seal (square)

Customized small stone seal (square)

15 SGD
Choose a simple shape/symbol and I'll carve it on a small stone seal for you! Stone seals are very versatile and can last for a very long time. Use them on paper, wax, and even your clay creations!

A seal, in the Chinese society, is a general name for printing stamps that are used in lieu of signatures in personal documents and art pieces. Chinese seals are usually carved out of stones, and are used with red ink or cinnabar paste.

The base of the stone seal measures 1cm by 1cm, with a vertical height of 6cm.

Add ons:
A drawstring pouch printed with your name stamp can be added to the purchase at $5 each. Please view it under the "Add ons" section!

Payment methods:
For Singapore buyers, I accept paypal (you can just make the purchase here) and bank transfer (just drop me an email at with your orders).
For worldwide buyers, I accept only paypal.

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