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Mini canvas bucket

Mini canvas bucket

15 SGD
Ever since I spotted some pretty ribbons in a little cafe, I decided to start a range of mini buckets with them. This particular one features a mint ribbon that has pastel pink polka dots all over. 
The interior is lined with matching fabric, and the neutral color of this mini bucket makes it extremely lovely and pleasing to the eye. It will no doubt look good on any work desk!

The base of the mini bucket measures 2" by 2"(5cm), with a standing height of 3". Highly function yet cute and small enough to stand on your palm! You could use it to store your smaller stationery like paper clips or even your accessories like rings and bracelets!

The base measures 3 by 3"(7.5cm). The bucket has its top part folded down, so it has an adjustable height. Maximum height of bucket is 5.5"(14cm).

Payment methods:
For Singapore buyers, I accept paypal (you can just make the purchase here) and bank transfer (just drop me an email at with your orders).
For worldwide buyers, I accept only paypal.

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