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Singlish stamps

Singlish stamps

10 SGD
This series is full of Singlish slangs that only a true blue Singaporean will know and use correctly! Mai siao siao, we're steady like that.

Have a favourite Singlish slang but you don't see it here? Email me at and I'll customize it for you at no extra cost!

Price listed is for a single hand carved rubber stamp. Please select your option before adding it to cart, gam sia! 

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The wood mount measures 3cm in diameter.

Press the stamp firmly onto papers or cloth to make an impression. To clean the stamp after impressing, gently pat them on tissue to remove any of the remaining ink.

Add ons:
A drawstring pouch printed with your stamp can be added to the purchase at $5 each. Please view it under the "Add ons" section!

Payment methods:
For Singapore buyers, I accept paypal (you can just make the purchase here) and bank transfer (just drop me an email at with your orders).
For worldwide buyers, I accept only paypal.

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